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Take your audience on an educational, yet entertaining, journey that captures the essence of a program, an initiative, or even your organization itself. Through script writing, storyboarding, interviewing, shoot supervision, and post-production editing, I bring words to life with compelling videos.

Free ACT for all juniors

“For kids who can’t afford to take the ACT, it’s opening more doors.”

When Mounds View Public Schools became the first district in Minnesota to offer every junior a free, on-site administration of the ACT exam, the district wanted to tell its story. More importantly, it needed to tell its students’ stories. This video shows viewers the value and importance of a free college-entrance exam for all students.


An Open Sky Education

“This is probably the highlight of the entire fifth-grade school year.”

A classroom trip to the Laurentian Environmental Center is often the highlight of the school year. Yet few parents get to experience the same breath-taking beauty and educational journey as their students. Capturing visually stunning fall colors, An Open Sky Education takes parents and prospective visitors on a virtual tour of this northern Minnesota jewel. Winner of the top honor in the large district, electronic communication category awarded by the Minnesota School Public Relations Association, 2012.

Mounds View Mobile

“A user-friendly, mobile-optimized version of District web sites.  Moving . . . with you.”

When Mounds View Public Schools launched a mobilized web site, it needed to show users the value, ease and fun of navigating the site from any mobile device. This introductory and tutorial video also demonstrates the quick steps necessary for pinning a one-touch, “app-like” icon to a smartphone home screen.



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